Giant Elephant Baby Plush Pillow

$24.99 $59.99

These luxurious Giant Elephant Baby Pillows are a must for every child and particularly suitable as a gift for a newborn! 

Stuffed toys play an important role in child development, offering cuddly companionship in the process of their growth. Known as the "Sweet dreams baby" pillow, not only because of the ultra soft material used but the added health benefits.

  • 100% High-quality rich PP cotton filling
  • Soft plush surface, skin-friendly and environmentally safe, giving kids a lovely feeling on their skin
  • Suitable for any age between 3months – 6years, great sleep pal for children, giving them more of a sense of warmth and security
  • Perfect gift for babies, children, baby showers and child birthdays

Frequent use of this baby pillow will give your baby superior head/neck and Lumbar support, encouraging healthy, strong posture development. Lovely and luxuriously crafted with soft plush fabric, this warm and comfortable baby pillow is certainly a unique item that you will not find on your high street.


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