Misty Mountain Incense Burner Lamp

$329 $398

Made of beautiful resin, the misty mountain gazes at the crescent-like shaped moon which emits a glowing light while the incense holder majestically releases smoke that curls and cascades towards her. There is also a white lotus flower seated beside the majestic mountain which holds an incense stick.

Perfect for your home decoration, Yoga session, meditation, or a housewarming gift.. Made with environmentally friendly materials and high-quality ceramic craftsmanship. Unwind with this beautiful abstract incense burner which relieves stress from its relaxing scent and is an eye-catching centerpiece for your home with its architectural beauty.

Our incense lamps do not come with incense. Our lamps will work with almost all standard back-flow incense cones as well as standard incense sticks.

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