Nordic style plate


This beautiful, yet practical, four-grid serving tray can be used as home decor as well as a handy storage place. Store jewelry, stationery, or any other bits and bobs that need a place to live. Serve an array of snacks in each of the four compartments to impress your guests, or remove the wooden grid inside the tray to store larger items. 


The design is versatile, with a modern white glossy ceramic finish and smooth wooden handle and grid. This design is versatile and will complement any kitchen, office or room. The handle is fit by two discrete screws, so can be adjusted to stand up by itself or it can be placed down to fit to the side of the tray. This tray makes organization easy and visually appealing.

  • White ceramic with a glossy finish.
  • Adjustable wooden handle.
  • Removable wooden four-grid separator.

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